By buying your replacement door as a pre-hung door set you get the bonus of having the experts do the hard work. Our workshop has been in operation for 20 years now since the company founders started manufacturing windows.

This means that we have the knowledge and skill to pre-fit your door into the frame as well as fit all the other components.

By having Distinctive Doors create your door set you can save money on your installer/joiner as they can provide a faster turnaround, often managing to fit the door set in just a few hours instead of a day or more. Pre Hung doors are also ideal for the advanced DIY’er.

Vectis handle polished chrome small Vectis lock latch and deadbolt closeup small Vectis lock top lock small Vectis lock adjustable keep small Pre hung door set hinge small Mxs mobility cill in situ

Our Pre-Hung Combination Door & Side Panel Sets comprise of the following items: -