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Croft Entrance Oak Door Set Triple Glazed

Croft Entrance
Made to order, parts and materials usually in stock.

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This is the overall frame size that we manufacture to. See our measuring guide for help.

When height is 2044mm..2080mm, then width may be 1225mm..1505mm.
This selection will use a door size 1981mm (78") high. Widths of 1302mm (51¼") and below will use a 762mm (30") wide door; widths of 1353mm (53¼") and over will use a 838mm (33") wide door; widths between may use a 762mm (30") or 838mm (33") door at our option
When height is 2081mm..2142mm, then width may be 1276mm..1480mm.
This selection will use a door size 2032mm × 813mm (80" × 32")

Please note that this is a made to order item. Current lead time is approx. 3 to 4 weeks for manufacture.

The Croft Entrance Oak Door Set Triple Glazed is beautifully manufactured to give your home a magnificent entrance. It is well suited to both traditional houses with lots of character and modern homes with characteristic features.

The vertical inner panel has a traditional V groove boarded effect and is surrounded by a beautiful border. The glazing is toughened and triple glazed. It is backed with delicate glue chip and the lead came forms the shape of a flower with clear bevel petals.

The Triple Glazed Oak Universal Side Panel adds elegance to any entrance and is designed to compliment the main door. The delicate glue chip glass is a stunning background for the intricate lead came.

Included Items:

  • Door
  • Side panel/panels (depending on which option you have selected)
  • Frame
  • Please note that it DOES NOT include the pre-hanging service, a link to which is featured below

Supplied with toughened triple glazing

Lead came

Raised mouldings around glass & panels of door on both sides

Raised mouldings around glass of side panels on both sides

Note: Universal Panel Glass is mostly obscure with some clear detail in bevels

Note: The Croft Door lass is mostly obscure but the bevel detail in the centre is clear

Note: Opens inwards with brown seals unless you specify otherwise

Note: Doors and/or panels need cutting to size and fitting on site by your installer (unless you order as pre-hung). In the case of narrower widths this can be as much as 125mm (4.9") for the side panels. However the door width is never adjusted more than a few millimetres.

Note: The universal side panel is a standard stock item and it may be possible for the glass/panel or the bottom rail positions NOT to line up with the main door.

Note: Head and cill lugs are left on for transportation. These need cutting off for installation.

As standard this is manufactured with a water-bar which means that the door and side panels will need rebating along the bottom edge to suit. Mobility option available. Click here for more information.

If you need to know how to fit a side panel, follow this link to our handy DIY guide and instructional video.

Pre-Hanging Service For External Combination Doors and Frames

Pre-Hung Combination Frame and Door Option.

Order this Croft Entrance Oak Door Set Triple Glazed door as a Pre-Hung Combination Door and Panel Set including Multipoint Lock, Handles, Frame, Hinges, Weatherboard and Cill.

Remember to add your door and frame to your cart first.

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NB: These are a made to order item and as such we cannot alter the configuration once your order has started being processed. Please check carefully before confirming your order.
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